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Five star reviews from community members and direct reports. 

“Lauri is an absolute joy to work with. Organized, well connected, creative and kind. Working never felt like ‘work’ as we collaborated together on various events, Instagram content and community outreach. Lauri’s a positive light that shines on and warms those lucky enough to be around her. I couldn’t recommend Lauri highly enough to do her impact justice."
-Alexandria Arrington, Marketing Assistant at Yelp

Saved By the Yelp

"This was the most relevant and diverse mythical beast of a party I have ever gone to. There was literally something for EVERYONE to do! Dancing for some, hands on competitive gaming for others, worshiping godly food samples of all varieties for all, or just hiding away with a coloring book enjoying being out of the house like me! Everyone was so kind and friendly I felt comfortable letting loose. I'm exited to visit every location that attended this evening. Thank you thank you thank you all so much for your time, hard work, food, drink, entertainment and positive vibes."

-Tyler B., Richmond Yelper

Yelp Elite Event at Drive Shack

"My favorite yelp event so far! I felt so SPOILED! We had the whole third floor to ourselves, including a hot Tex Mex bar and hot cocoa station!  Oh AND a photo booth complete with Santa and the Grinch!

Everything was VIP
treatment from the moment we walked in until the moment we left. The employee that walked us up to the event was so sweet and chatted us up the whole way. We were greeted at the third floor with lavender margaritas and so much yelp swag! I was convinced we got fanny packs but they're actually little coolers. Love! Add to that list, pop sockets, pins and drive shack coupons."

- Shelby H., Yelp Elite Squad member


Yelp Drops It Like It's Yacht


"This event was ridiculous!!  The views were amazing, the DJ was on point from start to finish and brought out some oldies but goodies that made everyone smile, the food was delish, the setup was perfect, and there was a mermaid!  Ridiculous!  Let's not forget the awesome magician who kept us laughing and in complete awe!  This was the best Richmond Yelp event to date.  I don't know how this once can possibly be topped.  All of this, plus it was all to benefit a great cause, the Massey Cancer Center... I had such a blast at this event!  I still cannot believe it was real, it was just so perfect.  The music, the venue, the view, the food, the people, this event just could not have possibly been better.  It did not even feel like we were in Richmond anymore.  I loved the setup of the  separate seating areas because if you wanted to have a quieter, more peaceful experience, you could easily do so.  The vibe of Kabana's rooftop was so chic.    And for goodness sake, people, did I mention there was a mermaid?!!  Crazy!  They carried her in, seeing as you can't very well walk with a fish tail, and she did flips and swam gracefully in an amazing mermaid suit that I must say looked quite believable, even up close.  Leave it to Yelp to make dreams come true.  Loved it!"

-Kristen H., Yelp Elite Squad member

Yelp's Secret Socie-Tea

"This was one of the most unique events I've ever gone to, no only was it unique, but it was my first REAL "tea party".  First of all, props to Lauri for getting this event set up AND with a "secret" email to confirm the location of the place.  Second, Miss Priss for the delicious tea and experience of the tea party... This Yelp event was very well organized, so much fun, and an interesting learning experience of afternoon tea. As always, this was such a fun and wonderful Yelp event to experience with other Yelpers who love taking photos and writing reviews.  Thank you Lauri for setting up this "secret" event, Miss Priss for the tea party experience and treats, Level Up Rental for the soccer pool/large connect four games, and Childsaver's for the gorgeous view of Richmond!!!

-LeAn H., Yelp Elite Squad member

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